Pastoral Care

“The life and death of each of us has its impact on others”
                                                                                               (Romans 14:7)

 The teachings on the Role of the Laity in the Church of Vatican II, as well as subsequent teachings from Rome, stress the importance of the active responsibility of the laity in assisting their priest at all levels of parish life.  Our parish, seeing a need to be present for the many elderly, sick and dying in our community, used these and other examples from scripture and the documents of the Church to create a Pastoral Care Unit.

The unit is divided into three groups.  Many of those who serve in one group might also serve in another group, so there would be a blended transition.  Although these groups are divided into specific areas, a person in one group may continue to journey with a family from beginning to end.  (Pastoral Care in One Parish, Robert Browner)

  1. Eucharistic Outreach & Companion Ministry:
    The Pastoral Care volunteers under the guidance of the parish priest provide compassion and friendship to individuals in hospitals, care facilities and private homes.  Our mandated Extra-Ordinary Ministers of communion assist the parish priest by taking Holy Communion to these individuals.
  2. Funeral Ministry:
    These volunteers play various roles to assist the family in the preparation for the wake service, prayer service and funeral.  The St. Luke’s office staff will assist the family of the bereaved in choosing the funeral readings, music, eulogy, and the details for the reception.
  3. St Martha’s Guild:
    Member of the Guild participate in a “corporal work of mercy” at St. Luke’s by preparing and serving lunches after Funeral Masses.  It is open to both men and women and requires about a two hour commitment on an “on call” basis.

Every funeral, while appearing the same, is really very unique.  The pastor, parish staff and volunteers will help the family find ways to include what they desire.  If a member of the family wishes to read or serve at the Mass, the priest might assign someone from the Funeral Ministry to assist them in their preparation.  The result of this simple act of love for our brothers and sisters can help them be more at ease during this difficult time.

To arrange for Pastoral Care of a loved one, please contact Nerie at 604 715 8614 or the Parish Office at 604 465 5383

St. Paul tells us “We are all one body in Christ.  If any member is hurting we all suffer.”  (1 Cor. 12:6).