Our Pastors

We owe a debt of gratitude to each of these good and holy men who served as our shepherds taking our faith community from simple and humble beginnings to where we are today:

Fr D.J. Carroll †   1945-1946
Fr Theodore  Przbylek †   1946-1950
Fr Thomas Reidy †   1950-1953
Fr Victor Gallo †   1953-1955
Fr Francis Nash †   1955-1963
Fr Karl Bohnenberger †   1963-1975
Fr Ernest Lehner †   1975-1976
Fr Thomas Reidy †   1976-1981
Fr Joseph Franks †   1981-1983

(We do not have pictures of the above pastors. If you have any photos you can share with us, please let us know at the Office.  Thank you)

 Fr Henry Bader †
Fr Donald Neumann †
 Fr Amador Abundo
Fr Mario Marin
2014 – present