Project Advance 2022

Project Advance makes possible the many ministries and programs that bring us together, further our evangelizing mission, and build spaces for worship and learning.

Your gift to Project Advance will help grow our parish and bring Christ’s love to those who need it most right now.  Each and every gift is important. Our parish goal is $44,000.  Any amounts collected over this goal is rebated to our Parish.  Our parish rebate has been targeted for spiritual retreats, our parish youth and young adults and various parish repair projects.

This year’s appeal will continue to provide life-changing programs that support the work of evangelization, charities, ministries, as well as building new secondary schools that nurture our young people. You can build on the good of what was achieved and continue to innovate. 

You can contribute to Project Advance online at, by phone at 604-683-0281 ext. 50323 or in-person at our parish’s office. Our way forward begins with your generosity in growing our parish and local Catholic community. We’re grateful for your support


Please select “St. Luke’s Parish” from the drop down list.