Project Advance 2021

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Project Advance: Our Way Forward

Project Advance has launched at St. Luke’s Parish.  Our Archdiocesan parish goal this year is $31,000,.  All donations over this amount will be refunded to the Parish (minus administrative fees).  Our Parish goal is $66,000 which is intended to go towards Youth Ministry, Faith Formation for all ages  and allotting funds towards the retaining wall, safety issues and exterior painting of the church without having to deplete parish revenues.  Any shortfall in meeting either of the above two goals is made up from general parish revenues which we must try to avoid.  One way to achieve this is for each one of us to participate in any way we can, however large or small our donation. 

Those who have been most impacted by the crisis were already on the margins. Project Advance has sustained the life of our local Church and shown us Our Way Forward. Your gift to Project Advance will help grow our parish and bring Christ’s love to those who need it most right now.

This year’s appeal will continue to provide life-changing programs that support the work of evangelization, charities, ministries, as well as building new secondary schools that nurture our young people. You can build on the good of what was achieved and continue to innovate.

Please visit where you can select our parish from the drop down menu to make your donation for this year.  After completing the form you will receive a record/receipt of your donation sent to the email you provide.

May God bless your generosity.

Fr. Edwin Kulling