Eucharistic Adoration During Pandemic


Updated June 2nd, 2021
As a result of latest updates and changes to British Columbia’s COVID-19 Health Guidelines and specifically BC’s Restart Plan, the Adoration Chapel at St. Luke re-opened on June 5th, 2021 at 3pm.

Upon re-opening and until health restrictions ease, the following must be observed:

  • The chapel is still restricted to 4 visitors at a time, maintaining social distancing at all times, and visitors are required to continue to wear masks while in the building and chapel.
  • The chapel door is required to remain open when there are visitors in the chapel to assist with air flow.
  • Sign-in is required when visiting the chapel for contact tracing purposes. The sign-in sheet is located on the small table at the entrance of the chapel.
  • The original codes for the exterior PFC door and the chapel door will be reinstated.
  • Before leaving, please wipe down all chairs used and areas touched during your visit.

Visitors are reminded to lock the chapel door when they leave if there is no one in the chapel.

We ask that visitors NOT share the chapel code with others and ask them to contact the parish office for the codes

We will update the chapel information as needed as BC Health Authority restrictions ease over the next months.

Questions?  Please contact the parish office 604 465 5383 or